Frequently Asked Questions

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Specialists in quality marine upholstery, furnishings and external covers for boats, yachts, ribs, powerboats and super yachts.

Can you re–cover my existing foam cushions?

We can only do this if the existing foam is clean, dry and in a reasonably good general condition.

Are there different grades and qualities of foam?

Yes, we recommend a firm foam for seating and slightly softer foam for bedding.

What fabrics do you recommend?

There are many fabrics to choose from – we suggest a polyester mix with viscose and acrylic.

Are they washable?

Some of our fabrics are washable but it would be advisable to enquire.

Can the covers be removed for cleaning?

Yes they can, as they all have zips – unless they are permanently fixed to wooden bases.

Do you line your curtains?

Yes, all our curtains are lined with a good quality blackout lining.


Comfort Afloat staff are ready to help so please call us with any questions you may have.

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